Here are some questions and answers that we are typically asked.

What is rewebbing and how much does it cost?

When a seat belt is rewebbed, the reel is secured, the original webbing and parts (toungue, slide, trim cover etc) are removed and a new piece of webbing is fitted. How it is fitted is dependent on the reel, make of vehicle and style of reel. The webbing used is especially designed to meet Australian Standards and must be stitched in an approved pattern using specific thread. Please see our services page to see our rewebbing prices.

What is the difference between rewebbing and reconditioning?

Reconditioning is a term that can be misleading. A seat belt should never be disassembled. The counterbalance, spring pack and compenents are very strong BUT very sensitive. At Seat Belt Solutions, we will clean and service an inertia reel but through years of experience, we know when a reel should be replaced. Never attempt to recondition a seat belt yourself. Rewebbing is the only legal way to improve a seat belts performance.

My belt is frayed. Can you sew up the frayed part?

It is unsafe to just ‘sew’ the damaged part of a belt. Doing so will only weaken the belt further. The entire webbing must be replaced.

My belt isn’t retracting or is retracting slowly. Can you fix it?

Age, body oils, dust and dirt can seriously effect both the operation and effectiveness of the seat belt. In most cases, rewebbing and cleaning will fix the problem, however in extreme circumstances a new reel will be required and we will endevour to get you the best reel at the best price.

I have an old Holden/Ford. Do you sell original style buckles?

In most cases the answer is YES. We can provide new buckles (dependent on stock) or refurbish old buckles through a combination of Chrome plating, Nickle plating and painting.

Im restoring an old rod/classic. It never had seat belts. Can I put them in?

Yes. New belts can be fitted. Even though your vehicle may not have originally been fitted with seat belts, if belts are fitted, they must be properly installed to meet todays ADR standards. Come see us or call any time to get free advice regarding custom belts. We have all the available parts and years of expertise to ensure that the belts in your car are as safe and as effective as possible.

Can I just get a belt from the wreckers and fit it?

No. It is not permitted for wreckers to sell seat belts. The history of the vehicle is unclear and you could be buying a belt from a vehicle that has had an accident and as such the internal components could have been damaged and the belt could have stretched (in an accident, a seat belt can stretch as much as 3 inches, an action that helps reduce injury during an accident. In some cases, different seat belts are fitted to different models, so a seat belt from a 1996 Magna Verada may be different to a Magna Executive. In an accident, the belt may not work at all.

Can you fit the seat belt for me? How long does it take?

Yes we can fit the seat belt for you! We can remove, rewebb and reinstall the belts while you wait in our air-conditioned waiting room. Please allow the following times as a guide (subject to investigation):

1 Belt: 45 min – 1 hr
2 Belts: 1 hr – 1.5 hrs
3 Belts: 1 hr – 2 hrs
4 or more: 2 hrs – 4 hrs

I live in the Eastern States. Can you do my belts?

Yes we can! We regularly do belts from the eastern states. On average we can do seat belts overnight and return them via Express Post. Return postage is $20 per 3kg airbag and in most cases 2 Inertia reels and 2 rear belts will fit in a 3kg bag. To save on weight, we do suggest that you remove the anchor bolts as they are not necessary for rewebbing. We also recommend that you send your belts via Express Post. We have known some belts to take as long as two weeks to reach us via regular post.

I have a child seat/capsule in the back seat and can’t reach the buckle. Can you help with this problem?

Yes we can! We currently stock extention belts that plug in for this purpose. Please check our Services page for more information.

My buckle is broken. Do I need a whole new seat belt?

Not necessarily. We have a range of buckles available from $50.00each. If an appropriate buckle is unavailable, then a new toungue and buckle set may be required. Bring the vehicle in for a free inspection and we will find a solution.

How can I pay? What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card over the phone and EFTPOS/cash/credit card as well as direct deposit. We can also organise Australia Post Cash on Delivery (COD) for orders up to $250. You can also purchase online using PayPal for online payments.