About Us

Seat Belt Solutions is based in Perth, Western Australia and serve customers both at home and abroad.

Our fully qualified and experienced seat belt technicians undergo continuous on-the-job training and development to ensure their skills remain up-to-date.

We offer a comprehensive range of services and cater for all kinds of vehicles, from planes to commercial vehicles.

Seat Belt Solutions are Australia’s leading registered seat belt rewebbing provider and are experts in the installation of aftermarket seat belts to any vehicles.

  • Licensed Type 1 and Type 2 fitting stations
  • Licensed Repairs by Civil Aviation, Department of Transport
  • In house testing and development facilities
  • Work closely with engineers to ensure full compliance
  • Fast professional service
  • Import and wholesale to manufacturers
  • Styling options
  • Licensed vehicle modifiers and fitters of VSB6 compliance

Whatever your seat belt requirements are, our professional and highly skilled team have the knowledge and experience to assist you.

Some of our Past projects

  • Work closely with authorities, Dept of Transport Worksafe, BHP, Rio Tinto (mining industry) for accident investigation and problem resolution for restraining occupants in vehicles.
  • Involved with numerous car shows and trade show.
  • Work with Therapy Focus and other special needs organisations for solutions to restraining children and adults with special needs.Including redesigning as the child grows or the disability worsens  www.therapyfocus.org.au .
  • Work with St John Ambulance to reduce weight load of vehicles.
  • R&D for Australian and international clients – we have an in-house testing facility to ensure seat and/or restraints are compliant.
  • Worked with many individuals to achieve perfect results for their restraining problems from car enthusiasts to everyday people trying to keep their families safe in their vehicles.

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